Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Marine Wife's Boot Camp Story

Last March (2012) I had the opportunity to write a blog feature for Marines Blog about sending my husband off to bootcamp.

When my husband left for bootcamp, we already had an established life together. We had a 15 month old son and I was 30 weeks pregnant with our second child. Sending him off to bootcamp was terrifying, heart wrenching but at the same time quite exciting because I knew it was for the better. It was a "Good Start" for our future.

I was nervous about writing this feature as I knew it could welcome a number of responses ranging from kind to hateful because that's how people are. But I was thrilled to find the comments and responses to be very "'Ooh-rah, welcome to the Corps!" and was even more thrilled to read comments from women, families who were or are in the same position as my family.

No matter the situation or  background, it is hard for any person, any parent, any sibling, or any spouse to send their loved one off to Boot Camp.  Everyone who has ever seen someone off has a story and it is my hope that those people will read my feature and will want to share their story as well.

This is why I wrote this feature.

To read my feature, just click on the link below.

Semper Fi & God Bless!

Hannah Wetzel is the Wife to one Wonderful Man (her Marine), a Mother to 3 children  and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She loves cooking, baking, writing, reading, embroidery and anything out of doors. One day she hopes to open her own little bakery and  have a little homestead (goats and all) with her family. Follow Hannah on Twitter and Pinterest.


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